Speakers and Conferences: Your Audience Is Online!

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Former Presidents, Chief Execs of commercial giants, Nobel laureates and space explorers. The TED Conference can claim an impressive list of speakers that have done superhuman amounts to reshape the world that we live in. Yet it’s not the only conference that has grown to notoriety – think SXSW, Davos or MobileWorld Congress.

Apart from the outrageously priced plate-per-head some of these events deliver, they each have one thing in common – sharing!

Conferences exist for two reasons; networking and insight. Ideas are shared and business cards exchanged but to facilitate progress in industry, why not look beyond your ticket-holders in your venue? Whether you’re for-profit or not-profit the principle is the same, sharing creates discussion and facilitates progress. By the power of association, the brand of the conference and the speakers only grow stronger with every video shared.

Free conferences already have an advantage here as clearly there’s no need to protect ticket sales by publishing talks in the online space. Yet if you’re one that does have to protect ticket sales then not to worry, you still have options to consider!

Clearly speaker fees need to be taken into account, but really the only limit is your imagination. Here’s five ideas to start you off:

1) Sponsored branding on talk stages.
2) In-video advertising (think Youtube).
3) Publishing videos in pay-per-view format with free teaser clips.
4) Utilising a yearly subscription model (newspapers, television, film and the music industry have already done it, so it’s only a matter of time for online video).
5) Restrict nothing, set every talk free!

The freer, the better we say! When there is always something to say, there is always someone to listen. The catch however is that your listener, maybe even that influencer, the one with a million followers, may be ticketless.

So let them hear you!

Guest blog by Aidan Cronnelly: Lover of fresh ideas that break boundaries and challenge the norm. Future Events Management graduate.

LinkedIn: Aidan Cronnelly

Photo Credits: Stuck in Customs via Compfight cc