What is Your Event’s USP?


If you want your event to be a roaring success, it is important that you know what makes your event special. Why should attendees attend your event instead of another? What can you offer them that no one else can? By defining your Unique Selling Point (USP), you can attract more attendees and increase your turnout.

Your USP may be any of the below, a mixture of them, or something completely different.

1) Venue If the venue has amazing views, historical significance or is particularly impressive, you can incorporate it into your unique pitch.

2) Providing a Service Does your event teach the attendees any valuable skills? Is it a workshop that can help them?

3) Speaker Certain speakers will almost always ensure a full house. Whilst Richard Branson or a Dragon from the Den might be beyond your budget, there are plenty of high quality specialists that can draw in a crowd.

4) Niche In some situations, your event may be so specific that it is in itself unique. ‘The only London Conference on Thermonuclear Energy’, for example.

5) Price Having a free or relatively cheap event can be used to draw people in, as everyone likes saving money.

6) Size If your event is the largest of its kind, that could be your USP.

7) Exclusivity Directly conflicting with ‘size’, for some events the minimal approach works bed. By being exclusive and having limited availability, an event can seem special.

8) Innovation Are you showing off a brand new product? Reviewing new information? Providing the attendees with the opportunity to see something no one has ever seen before? The prospect of a sneak peek can be a great selling point.

Your USP is your hook, it is what is going to make people want to come to your event, so make sure to push it again and again. Any publicity you use should make your USP clear, and it should be the first thing people see on your Pickevent page. 

Ali Coulson