How do I shake hands? 3 steps to the perfect handshake


Handshaking is a really basic part of networking, so here is some important and basic advice!

There are a myriad of ways in which to shake hands badly.

So how should it be done?

I always think that there’s 3 simple rules to a good handshake:

1. Be confident.  Be in control of the situation – be the one that initiates the handshake, be the one that ends the meeting, be the one that suggests the next meeting.

2. Look them in the eyes.  What you are saying with your eyes is just as important as what you are saying with your handshake.  Using your eyes to communicate will connect with the person you are meeting with, making them feel engaged with what you are saying.

3. Smile.  What has smiling got to do with a handshake?  It puts the other person at ease – even if it’s been a difficult meeting, if you smile you are sending subconscious signals that this has been an effective and successful meeting and that your time together has been valuable.  Even if the person you have been meeting with has made you feel like punching them, smiling gives you the upper hand.

Delivering a good handshake may not come naturally to you, but practice makes perfect. Check out some networking events worth attending on Pickevent!