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At Pickevent, we believe the best way to improve is through feedback. Traditionally, speakers do not get much in the way of feedback; the traditional paper method of feedback forms is not welcomed by attendees, and, with the progression of technology, is becoming an obsolete method of receiving comments.

Social Media is one way of obtaining feedback, but this is purely text-based and usually very short. Though a ‘good job!’ message is a nice boost, it is not going to improve your presentational skills. Instead, what you need are reviews that make it clear what you did well, and what areas you could improve in.

Our review system at Pickevent does just that. It consists of three sections, all of which are quick and easy to complete, making them far more appealing for attendees.

Scaled Review

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Instead of receiving purely written feedback, we wanted to ensure you have quantifiable feedback as well. This wheel system means you can be graded out of 100 in three important areas; expertise, engagement and clarity.

Celebration of Successes

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The attendees can give you applause in certain areas, letting you know what areas of your speech really excelled.

Written Comments

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 11.53.02 While we did want to incorporate new forms of review into our system, we felt it was important to retain the option for attendees to write their own comments. Here you can receive more specific comments, giving you hints as to how to improve particular aspects of your presentation.

Receiving this style of feedback is easy; just ask your audience to visit your Pickevent page after the event and review your work. A reminder tweet can help, too! We really believe our innovative review system can help you progress as a speaker, and we hope you find it useful.

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Ali Coulson