Transforming the Events Industry: Why Pickevent is a Game Changer

jose moliner

Jose Moliner – Co-Founder

Right now the events industry is a huge mess. There are thousands of different apps and service websites out there, many of which are trying to do something fairly similar.

By introducing Pickevent, we’re aiming to do something really industry shaking.

We’re planning to be the only professional events website you need. Whether you’re an event organiser, a speaker or a professional who just wants to find events worth attending, we at Pickevent want to help you.

We differ from services like Lanyrd, Conferize and Eventbrite in a lot of ways, especially in the sheer number of features we’re offering and are currently developing. That said, for me, the most important difference is the community we have created. Our community is the most important and most valuable part of Pickevent. It’s essential; we’re the first professional events network built around people.

Jose Bort, Pickevent’s CEO, put it very neatly; we’re the complete professional events solution. It’s that simple. Hard working event organisers and professionals don’t want to have to log into a bunch of different websites to run their business. With simplicity, inclusion, and developing every feature an event organiser would need, we offer the complete package for professional event organisers.

I also think a big draw of Pickevent is that it is entirely free.

I think, in one year’s time, event organisers won’t need to use services like Facebook to promote their events. The biggest challenge for us right now is expansion, getting Pickevent to all corners of the world. Pickevent is about a worldwide revolution. We’re growing every day in the UK, we want to hit other countries very soon.