Top Ten Tips for Awesome Goodie Bags

Rocío Marco 

You have organised the worst event ever; the venue was cramped, the speakers weren’t great… even the food was bad.

But an awesome goodie bag can turn even the worst event around!

Here are my Top Ten Tips for making great goodie bags:

1. Holidays: You will be lucky if your event is held during a festive season. Christmas presents such as… are always nice to receive.. St. Valentine- themed goodie bags are cool too! If you are single, it wold be lovely to receive a present on that date!


2. Nature: Who doesn’t love nature? Presents that encourage your green spirit are always good. Plants, seeds or even goldfishes can be the best way to make people remember your event. They will have to take care of them and love them as much as they loved your meeting 🙂


3. Cultural/traditional articles: You know people love cute little stuff made in other countries. A great idea would be to offer a small bag with the best colombian coffee or hand in the coolest Sushi Kit. The idea is to be as original as you can so that  attendees feel important!


4. Charity: If you are organizing an event for charity why not letting your attendees get involved? I’m sure there is some way you can help in making a better world and raise awareness at the same time. It’s time to be helpful.


5. Hand-made products: If you bake the most delicious macaroons or give them a sample of the most exquisite chocolate from Switzerland your attendees will love you forever. It’s not that expensive if you know where to find them!


6. Leisure games: Your attendees want you to trust them, to think they are intelligent. People love to be challenged so give them the most hard and exciting puzzles and see if they can solve them.


7. Stationary: Ok, I know this is too typical but it’s still efficient! Handing in note pads and pens is really useful for networking! You never know when you’re going to need to write down the details of the best contact ever!


8. Discounts: Every single person in this world loves shopping! The good part about this is that if  you manage to get a discount at a specific store, restaurant, cinema… and you give it to your attendees, you will make them the happiest people in the world!!!


9. For Speakers: Speakers always want feel part of everything. I’m sure they will really enjoy having a present too! What about a nice box of chocolates with a thank you note?


10. For me: I would love to get a Gucci bag! (Just for Event Organisers to know).