Top 5 articles to make the most of your event budget

Rocío Marco

Budgeting for an event can be your worst nightmare. It’s not easy at all and can be really tricky. That’s why we have found the best articles on how to do it.

1. How to event budget like a pro:

Eventjuice always knows what is going on in the events world. Check this article out and find how to plan and save when organising an event.

2. The complete guide to event budgeting:Budget-Plan

This article will help you to understand how to save money, how to approach your clients (they event tell you the sort of questions you should ask them!) and how to organise the best event ever without wasting any money. If you follow their 10 steps, there is no way you will go wrong.

3. Tips and tricks on event budgeting:

We all want some advice of those who know how to do things. Event Manager Blog is one of the top blogs for event lovers so we are pretty sure that their tips are going to be really useful.

4. Event planning guide:

Preparation is always primordial in order to organise an outstanding event. This guide will show you how to do it without overspending but without missing important things too.

5.  12 steps to organising your event with zero budget:

If you have no money at all to spend in your event but you still want to organise one, don’t worry. This guide will show you the secret of organising an event with no money at all! How cool is that?