The importance of an engaging event title

Marketing your event effectively has never been more important, and you need to use all of the tools available to ensure that you’re giving yourself the best chance of success. And having a good event title is essential for Pickevent searches.

A good title needs to be directly targeted at your audience. You should clearly explain what the event is and use as many keywords as possible when you do it. 


Your key words might include:
“Social Media”

An example of your title could be something like: “Transform your business with new social media
marketing strategies”.

It might sound a bit sensationalist, but you have to think a bit like the editor of a newspaper – the title has
to not only contain words that people will search for, but it has to also catch their attention and sound like
something that they should be attending.

A difficult balance to achieve, but well worth it. Take a look at some good examples on Pickevent!