3 Easy steps to finding the right event

 Time is money. Don’t waste it on events.

Your time is precious and golden and you need to ensure that you’re choosing to invest your time in those
activities that are going to deliver you the absolute best return.

Here’s three easy steps to finding events worth attending:

Be clear. You have to know what you’re looking for. Take thirty minutes to make a few simple notes as to
what it is that you’re looking for in terms of events. What is the information or insights that an event would
need to deliver; who are the people that you’re looking to connect with? What is the style or location of
event that would suit you best?

Be selective. You can’t go to everything and you can’t be everywhere. Screen any potential opportunities
against the criteria that you’ve developed for yourself. Don’t compromise your requirements – if an event
doesn’t meet all of your criteria then don’t waste your precious time on it.

Be clever. Use the technology available to help you search for the right events and assess whether they
meet your criteria. Platforms such as ‘pickevent’ enable you to see not only the where, when, and why of
events but also who will be there and what value you might be able to create.

Your time is precious and golden – don’t waste it. Use Pickevent’s new recommended events feature to find events worth attending!