Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

Rocío Marco

Social Media is one of the best resources for promoting business and events. The question is: Are you using it strategically? These 10 tips will help you make the most of your social media sites.

1. Think visually: Include eye-catching photos, cool leaflets and videos. This will increase your post engagement and capture the attention of your fans on social networks.


2. Post, post, post: An empty page will draw no one in. Make sure you have a strong online presence by posting regularly to all of your social media sites.

3. Boost your posts:  Several social media websites offer the opportunity to ensure your posts are seen by a wider audience for a small fee.

4. Hashtag: By making a hashtag specifically for your event, you ensure that attendees can communicate and network on twitter. Make sure the hashtag is short, memorable and directly related to the event name. Click here to read our article about creating a great twitter hashtag.

5. LinkedIn groups: Join LinkedIn groups and use them to promote your event.

6.  Hold contests: Use a “Retweet to Win” campaign to giveaway tickets or passes. Each retweet will ensure your twitter is seen by more and more people.

7.  Communicate: If someone messages you on social media, respond as soon as possible! Developing a good rapport with attendees is essential, and by answering any questions you are boosting your online presence.

8. Hangout: The multiuser chat tool in Google+ can allow you to to solicit feedback from customers.

9. Hootsuite: Using a social media management website can maximise your efficiency and streamline the work you need to do.

10.  Blog: Make your content widely relevant and useful. If people read it, you can use it to promote your events and keep them informed.