How to thank your community

Rocío Marco

Everyone has their own way of saying thank you. There are many ways to do it and being thankful is something that everyone appreciates (especially your community). Be nice, it’s free!

1. Ask them to contribute to your blog: If you ask them to contribute they will feel important and believe that you trust them. You will also have new people writing for you!post-18576-BabyTard-thank-you-gif-de36

2. RT or reply to their Tweets: If the content is good and they are using your hashtag or mentioning you, make sure to re-share it. This will reward your community and help to encourage more content to be shared from other sources within it.

3. Send a thank you note to your attendees after events:  Nothing beats the personal touch. A quick note via email or even on Twitter makes people feel appreciated!

4. Share their posts on LinkedIn: By sharing what they post you show them you appreciate their work.

5. Recommend their blogs, Google + or Facebook pages: Everyone wants new readers, followers or friends. If you can give them a hand here, they will really appreciate it and will be there for you in case you need them in the future. You never know…