The Pickevent Story: How to run a company with hardly any money

Jose Moliner, Co-Founder of Pickevent

When Me and JB started on our journey we were flat out broke and had no thoughts of investors or shares – we had just one thing in our minds: build the world’s first professional events community. It was an obsession, and it still is. Only now it’s called Pickevent.

London is a huge city with more than 60 professional events a day. So we started here. With barely any money, we created Pickevent.

We both quit our jobs and moved together to a one-bed apartment with JB’s pregnant wife.

But being broke in London isn’t fun. And we knew we couldn’t create Pickevent on our own.

So we had to recruit a team. The first to the Pickevent community. But how with no money?

The solution was simple. A co-operative tech startup.

We paid our team with equity and expenses only (including accommodation, food and travel). The original Team Pickevent were entrepreneurs, not employees.

JB and I managed to recruit the best developers and designers from all around Europe (Rodri, Ivan and David) and after three months of working round the clock (and eating JB’s wife’s amazing food!) we launched Pickevent alpha in November 2013.

Pickevent is live right now and we’re currently working on releasing beta (and launching properly!!) in late February 2014.

Follow our story on our Twitter @Pickevent and check out the professional events revolution right here!