How Pickevent Helps You: Speakers


Your Pickevent speaker account can give you so much. We want to tell you about how we can help you.

Promote Yourself

Growing a network on Pickevent allows your community to grow.  Having a profile on Pickevent lets attendees follow you. They can then see when your upcoming talks will be.

Showcase Your Media

Pickevent is a platform for your media, including videos, slideshows and notes. This is so useful for your past attendees, and it shows future attendees why they should attend your next talk.

Invite Your Contacts

Growing your network is a great way to spread the word about your talk. We’ve made it really easy to increase your following; just click ‘Get Followers’ on your profile and invite your email contacts to Pickevent.

Attend Events

Speakers can also find and attend events on Pickevent. We often emphasise how important it is for our attendees to attend events, whilst ignoring the fact that attending other events is really useful for speakers.

Gain Feedback

Getting responses from your attendees on how your speech went is so important for growth as an speaker, but often it can be difficult to arrange. Our system ensures that anyone who attended the event your talk was in will be reminded to give you feedback once the event is over.

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Team Pickevent

Photo Credit: derekGavey via Compfight cc