Pickevent Beta – What’s Changed?

Phase 1 blog post pic

Jose Bort, Pickevent Co-Founder

Pickevent beta is a complete overhaul of the platform. We’ve looked at how we can improve every part of the site.

So much has changed over the last 6 months, the new design that will be revealed on a rolling basis and a thousand new features for Attendees, Speakers and Event Organisers to use.

When we launched Pickevent alpha in November last year we knew exactly what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. We wanted to build the professional events network, be LinkedIn for events, and we wanted to do it by building a community who wanted to pick events.

What we didn’t know was how enthusiastic people would be, and how much feedback we would get. We have heard peoples’ opinions, right from the beginning. So the feedback has been incredible.

While Pickevent alpha was about creating the technology behind finding great events, beta has been shaped for people, by people.

From the intelligent search suggestions to being able to find out every event a colleague is going to, Pickevent beta has been created by the Pickevent community. In fact, if anyone has a suggestion we would really love to hear them. I would say a majority of the current features have come from community feedback!

Feedback is so important to us. I’ve always had a strong belief in equality, in the way we work here at Pickevent (nobody calls me boss) and in that Pickevent is a creation of the users.

Unlike the changes of companies such as Facebook, we’re confident that people will like every change that has made Pickevent beta. This is because you have all had a direct hand in the upgrades we have made.

Don’t think this is the peak for Pickevent; we’re still testing and improving all the time. This is more the first base camp. Right now we’re looking for more funding, and developing what we’ve already got. We’ve got the top in the corner of our eyes.

As we continue working on it with the community, Pickevent is only going to get better. That’s a promise.