All-in- one Event Management software revolution


Business events bring people and communities together and share expertise, find opportunities and help gain exposure for your business. With over 1.3 million business events taking place in the UK every year, event planning can be a very stressful and time consuming process. Event planning is a growing industry and recent developments in event technology have made it easier and less stressful to plan business events.

An all-in- one event management solution can help event organisers build a website, set up event ticketing and registration in addition to creating a networking community. Technology has allowed ticket management to being a far more efficient process which will help reduce costs. Organisers can now easily track sales and payments all in one place. Using an online platform for event networking enhances an attendee’s event experience with direct messaging, integration with social media sites such as LinkedIn and using networking groups. These features increase engagement and can potentially turn any virtual contact into a real business connection. Another major advantage of the all-in- one approach is that the event can be accessed across other devices such as mobiles and tablets. This allows you to manage your event on the go as well as there being an uninterrupted experience for the attendees. After the event has taken place, post event surveys can be used to measure the overall success of the event. Event management technology allows you to track event success metrics and give an indication of what could be improved for the next event.

There are few all-in- one solutions providers in the world, EventsCase is one of them and they give event planners powerful tools such as a website builder, event app, ticketing and registration, event community and advanced analytics to maximize their attendee’s experience.