Use Pickevent to boost your Attendee turnout


One of the most frequent questions Event Organisers ask is, ‘how can I increase my turnout?’.

Usually in these cases the asker does not want to change a thing about their events. So, the only solution is to improve promotion. With Pickevent’s intelligent recommendations the days of traditional promotion are over. With this in mind, we’ve written three key tips to make your Pickevent profile stand out, and attract the crowd you want.

Be Specific
Clarity is so important when choosing the name of your event. You need to clearly define who your audience is and how they will benefit from attending your event. For example, ‘Networking Meetup for Social Media Managers’ will attract more potential attendees than ‘Meetup for Managers’.

Add Media
Providing an image of your company logo for your Event Organiser page is so important, as is adding good photos to your event. You can even add promotional videos or media to your account, which is a great feature of Pickevent, and will really help your event get noticed!

Add Speakers
The first step to this is encouraging your speakers to join Pickevent. Then, when you publish your event, make sure to add them to your event. This means that people in their network will see your event too, increasing event visibility and hopefully event turnout!

Invite Your Contacts
Think of it this way; if you encourage one email contact to join Pickevent, and they click ‘attending’ on your event, then your event will be seen by all of their followers, exponentially increasing the number of Pickevent users who see the event title. The more times your title is seen, the more clicks it is likely to get, leading to more attendees.

On Pickevent you don’t have to promote your event to find attendees. Simply publish your event, fill in all the fields, and your audience will come to you.

Ali Coulson

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