Michelle Fanus- Founder and Managing Director of Dynamyk Events

Rocío Marco

Her name is Michelle Fanus and she is the Founder and Managing Director of Dynamyk Events.  They  create cutting edge events that make business sense! She has more than 10 years’ experience in the conference and events industry working for UBM, Informa and the World Trade Group designing and managing conferences and events in Europe, the States, China and Africa.

·      What events do you organise and where?michelle fanus

We research, design, plan and deliver high level Business to Business conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, hospitality and staff engagement events for public and private organisations in the UK & Europe, the US and Africa.

·      What is your vision organising those events?

Events are a powerful tool in connecting people helping them to make better decisions and disseminating valuable information to the right audience. Making these events bigger and better, more high profile and better quality is always my vision, not to mention enhancing the experience of the attendee. I like to make my mark on every event I am privileged to organise, delighting my clients in the process. So far so good.

·      Can you give me an outline of your events?

High profile, international, content rich, solution focussed, a central platform that brings the industry together under 1 roof and a great experience.

·      Do you have a Twitter handle for those events?

Only for my business @dynamykevents. We use this channel to mention all the events we are working on.

·      Why do you think people attend your events?

We produce great content that is relevant and solution focussed, giving them what they need right now – time-sensitive information. We provide great customer service and they enjoy attending our events because they are well looked after and go away having had a great experience.

·      What is the most important aspect when organising an event?

From my own experience it has to be the concept design and getting straight about the purpose of the event along with good planning. Get those two thing right and the rest falls into place!

·      Can you talk about one of the best events you have organised?

Yes. The best and most exciting event I have organised is the WAPIC 2012 conference. This is the West African Power Industry Convention. It was in Lagos, Nigeria and attracted 500 senior level decision makers in the energy sector from across West Africa, South Africa, Europe and the US – Ministers, Government officials, senior civil servants and energy consultants and experts in their fields. I was the Project Leader for 2 event cycles (2011 and 2012) and we had a fantastic 2 years – growing the event each year in terms of delegate audience and sponsorship revenue. It was my first event in Africa so this expanded my geographic experience and I made my mark. I also worked with a wonderful, talented team of specialists who knew their market, were hard working and great fun. Lagos is a great city to hold a conference – it’s vibrant and energetic with lots of great night life.