Marketing Events 101: 7 tips to get you started

When organisers sign up to Pickevent they always ask me one question: “How do I increase my turnout?”

But there are so many FAQs and how-to guides for doing this on Pickevent that this question is answered elsewhere.

This is a beginner’s guide for marketing events outside of Pickevent. Ready?

1. Know Your Audience

It’s absolutely crucial to know who you should tell about your event. If you’re advertising paintballing weekends on LinkedIn and B2B networking on Facebook then you’re doing it wrong. 1. Find out who is most likely to attend. 2. Find out where they are (e.g. social media, similar events) 3. Broadcast!

public lecture

2. Plan Ahead & Start Now

Always know what you’re doing when and where months in advance. Plan everything you need to do before the event (and after, if you want to keep your audience).* But having a strategy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now. I’ve actually been asked when the best time is to start marketing an event…

Start now / as soon as you’ve finished reading this!

Plan Ahead

3. Social Media

You should be using social media. It’s essential. I’m not going to give you tips because there is a whole bunch already available. Find your audience and then read blogs like Quick Sprout’s on Facebook,  Twitter, and LinkedIn. You really need to use social media. Your audience is. Just make sure you read point 1 first.

Social Media

4. Offer More

Early bird tickets are awesome. Reward your followers and start selling tickets now, everyone loves discounts. And make sure you tell people about the discounts and offer them to the right people: attendees who sign up to your newsletter, your followers on Twitter, followers of the speakers etc. If you’re event costs money, consider giving some free tickets away to celebrities – if Live at the Apollo can do it, then so can you. Genuinely. Just make sure they’d be interested in your event.

Offer more

5. Keep Them Updated

Audience members want to know every change (edit: all important changes) to the event. Tell them if there’s a new speaker, a change of venue, a new sponsor, a celebrity attendee. Keep them informed and excited and let your audience promote your event for you.

Keep them updated

6. Journalists

There is now a magazine and ten blogs for everything. Every subject. Getting your event talked about is just a matter of broadcasting. If you’re organising your paintballing weekend, email paintballX3 magazine or any of the others. If you want event publicity all you have to do is be proactive. And how time consuming is sending a few emails?

Charles paintballing

7. Organise Events Worth Attending

This is so basic but it has to be said. The more events you organise that are worth going to, the greater the turnout of your future events. Be a good organiser and publicity will be easy. That’s why I love my job at Pickevent, I don’t ‘sell’ Pickevent, I just tell people about it and they tell everyone else.


Do these 7 things and you’ll have marketed your event. I’m not saying that everything you need is here, but these are the basics. There’s a lot more you can do and there are plenty of blogs that will tell you how to do it.

Now I promised I wouldn’t talk about Pickevent… so I won’t. We’re here when you need us:

And we are available for advice if you need us: @pickevent

Good luck!

Bill Franklin

*advice courtesy of Alex Wood, Editor of Tech City News who had #pickbreafast with us yesterday.