How to make the most of an event


Rocío Marco

Going to an event has to be fruitful for you, if it’s not, why are you wasting your time? There are 5 simple rules you need to follow if you want to make sure that attending to an event is going to be useful. Ready?

1. Meet at least 5 new people: Networking is the key to every business. The more people you know, the better for your company. This is why you have to meet at least 5 people. Making a new contact is great but it doesn’t mean that it will be useful for your company. If you meet five people, the probabilities of finding someone interesting increases.

2. Make a list of the top 3 things you have learnt from the event: We are constantly learning new things, the problem is that we always forget most of what we learn. If you keep a record of the new info that you have learnt, it will be easier to remember it in the future and to apply it to your business model in order to improve it.

3. Hand out your card after making a connection: This is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship. Cards handing-out-cardavoid spelling mistakes, save time and show that you are interested in the person you are handing it to (why would you give him/her a card if you didn’t?).

4. Practice your “30-second” introduction: Events are mainly done to meet new people. Make sure that you have a good (and short) introduction speech. If it’s too boring or long people will lose interest on what you have to say or who you are. Make it nice and simple!

5. Follow up: Once you have someone’s business card, make sure you follow up with them within 24 hours of the event. However, if there is an obvious interest in that person, just give him/her a call and arrange a face to face meeting. Try to make the most of the contacts you met at the event, that’s what you went for!