Choosing the right event is hard. Here are my 5 tips for finding the perfect event.

Rocío Marco

There are hundreds of events every day in London and you simply don’t know which one you should attend! Here are five questions you should ask yourself before choosing an event.

1. What are they going to talk about? You obviously need to know what the topic of the event is and find out if you really are interested in what they are going to say.


2. Who is going to attend to this event? Maybe your only interest in attending an event is because someone you want to meet is attending! Find out who will be there before going on Pickevent attendee lists!


3. Who is the speaker? Always do some research about who the speaker is going to be and read some reviews about their previous events. You might find yourself going to a large event just for one speaker! (I suggest following that speaker on Pickevent to stay updated)


4. Why are other attendees going? Maybe one of the main reasons you want to attend an event is to network and make new contacts. However, you may find out once you’re there that no one is up for networking and you have gone there for nothing. 🙁 Solution: Check the Reasons for Attending feature on Pickevent!


5. Will there be any food? If the event is held during breakfast/lunch/dinner time, make sure they will give you food if you don’t want to die of starvation!