Interviewing an Organiser – Your Thai Chef


At Pickevent, we want to make sure you get the most out of our blog. In the forthcoming weeks, we will be profiling entrepreneurs, giving you an insight so that you can improve your own events experiences.

Today, we are profiling Brett Ronakris Cowie, who describes himself as as “A personal chef of home-style Thai cuisine. Teacher of Thai cookery. A consultant on Thai food.” 

Hi, Brett. Can you tell us a little about your business?
I provide a personal chef service of Thai home-style Thai cuisine and once in a while teach cookery – this business is known as Your Thai Chef. It is mainly at dinner parties (8-12 guests on average) I cook for.

 How did you get started in events organising?
I got into cookery demonstration as a way to promote my own brand of Thai curry pastes – Old School Thai (this business I have decided to pause for the time being). These events took place at farm shops.

Can you describe a typical event day?
I am usually given a two hour time slot to demonstrate the preparation of four dishes.  I stand behind a counter facing the audience, there is a cooker on the this counter. As well as taking the audience along the steps involved in preparing the dishes I also talk about the background of the dishes.  Usually there will be an assistant who helps by taking small samples of each dishes to the audience and clear up afterwards.

How do you cope with organising the event and being the speaker/demonstrator?
I enjoy working the crowd and being the centre of attention so public events are quite enjoyable for me.  It helps I present a topic I have a lot of experience with: Thai cookery.

What advice would you give to anyone in the events industry?
My best advice would be make sure you prepare as much beforehand as you can both in terms of things to do and mentally. Find out as much as you can from the organiser as to what the set up is.  Always remember that you are in charge and stay connected with your audience  – being friendly and confident. Have a good sleep the night before. If possible, practice your event beforehand with friends & family.

Where do you see your business in five years’ time?
If you asked me this a few years back I would say I would like my own eatery (or eateries) and being on TV but now I’ve decided to wind down my cookery business and see what else I like to do instead.  If Batman can retire, so can Your Thai Chef.

Brett Ronakris Cowie  is a personal chef of home-style Thai cuisine. Visit his website here to find out more.