How Pickevent Helps You: Event Organisers


At Pickevent, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your event organiser account. For that reason, we want to tell you about some of the great things we are offering, and exactly how they can help improve turnout at your events.

Promote and Connect

Pickevent is designed to help people find the events relevant to them. Our intelligent algorithms will recommend the right events to our attendees, meaning purely by having your event uploaded completely on the site, it will appear for the right attendees.

Invite Your Contacts

It’s now unbelievably easy to invite more people to Pickevent to grow your network. Your followers can also invite their contacts to your event, spreading the event even further.

Virally Spread Your Event

Pickevent helps events spread virally, through our network and beyond. Think of it as a spider’s web – if four people click ‘attend’, then everyone who follows them will see the event, and will potentially click ‘attend’. For each follower that clicks attend, the people that follow them will see the event, potentially clicking ‘attend’, and so on, so forth. This means that, for your initial four attendees, you have a new potential audience of hundreds.

Get More Repeat Attendees

When someone clicks ‘attend’ on your event, they also automatically follow your event organiser account. This means that every event you go on to host will show up in their activity feed. If they enjoyed your first event, chances are they’ll want to attend your events again, and again, and again. Having your events show up in their feed ensures they will be reminded of the great time they had, and be compelled to click ‘attend’ again.

Answer ‘Who Else Is Going?’

It is important for attendees that they know who else is going to an event. If a key influencer will be attending, they want to know ahead of time, so that they can plan what to say to them, or make sure they meet them at the event. Pickevent lets them see not only who else is attending your event, but also why they are attending the event, helping your attendees get in touch with the right type of people.

Gain Feedback

Getting responses from your attendees on how your event went is so important for growth as an event organiser, but often it can be difficult to arrange. Our system ensures that anyone who attended your event will be reminded to give you feedback once the event is over.

Attend Events

This is often overlooked, but event organisers can also find and attend events on Pickevent. We often emphasise how important it is for our attendees to attend events, whilst ignoring the fact that attending other events is really useful for event organisers. Whether it’s trade shows specifically for events, or seminars in content marketing, attending events can really help you as an event organiser, so get going!

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