I need a good speaker – STAT!

Rocío Marco

Finding a good speaker for your event is not as easy as it could be. For a new event organiser in a new city it’s difficult. And if a speaker drops out a week before your event it’s almost impossible!


Not a speaker in sight

This happened. And, as for every event organiser in a situation like this, it was near traumatic. 

A good way to find speakers is directly looking for them on LinkedIn, at least that’s how I was going to find them… 

(That and ringing up my friends asking them to pretend to be the speaker who dropped out).

But then I remembered that I work for Pickevent. And I have an account. So I stopped panicking.

For those who don’t know Pickevent is an online tool that is perfect for finding speakers.

It’s a professional network connecting Speakers, Attendees and Event Organisers.

This is the place where you can find the best speakers in London. So I quickly searched my industry, read reviews by their attendees and looked at their ratings. I found a shortlist of speakers in 15 minutes and booked my speaker that day.

Pickevent is still in alpha right now, but the flood of users has already started, and with Pickevent’s intelligent filtering this is making finding the perfect speaker easier every day. The professional events revolution has started!