7 Tips for starting your event hashtag

With Pickevent’s hashtag feature, you can now start an event hashtag from publication of your event!

Hashtags are a great way to create buzz around your event and keep your followers updated on Twitter.

Here’s my 7 rules of thumb for creating the most effective hashtags:

1. Don’t worry about duplication.  Twitter is for the moment, so you don’t need to worry about duplicating a hashtag that might have been used or created weeks or months ago.

2. Double check whether something similar is being used right now.  Use the search function on Twitter or search on the hashtags directory in order to ensure that your hashtag is distinctive enough that it won’t be confused with something else that’s in current use.

3. There’s no registration process.  Hashtags are completely ad hoc – there’s no need to register your hashtag or check that it’s acceptable or appropriate.

4. Keep it short and keep it memorable.  The best hashtags intuitively evoke the event name or other relevant reference.  A single word or short string of characters generally works best.

5. Characters count on Twitter. The longer your hashtag then the less characters that Twitter users will have to actually articulate their message or statement.  Keep it short and punchy.

6. Promote your hashtag.  Once you’ve selected your hashtag, begin using it immediately and promote it.  If you’re creating publicity materials or collateral for your event then include your chosen hashtag in these materials.

7. Monitor your hashtag.  Once you’ve selected your hashtag, set up a Twitter search feed for it (character string only, not the hash sign).  The search feed enables you to keep track of who is using your hashtag and whether there are any potential conflicts emerging.

Good Luck! – From #TeamPickevent 😉