The Events Revolution

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Jose Bort, CEO & Co-Founder of Pickevent

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I always knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I always wanted tcreate something useful and unique that would benefit the world. That’s why Jose and I founded

The professional events industry is a big mess at the moment. We think one of the biggest problems today is that it’s really difficult for event organisers, speakers and professionals to connect. 

It’s an ordeal and expensive for event organisers right now to have to use so many different websites and tools to connect with their audience and speakers, find future speakers, analyse their success, organise ticketing, promote their events, and so much more.

Professional speakers have to hire agents, search for events in their industry, but by the time they find the right events, the organisers have already hired speakers. As you can imagine it’s very frustrating for speakers who have so much to say, but rarely get the recognition they’ve really earned. As a speaker myself I’ve found it hard to stay connected to my audience after an event.

The people who are worst off at the moment are professionals who want to attend events. Throughout our year we’re forced into company team building exercises, endless unproductive meetings and conferences where we learn more about local beers than anything else. It’s really difficult to find events worth attending. And on the occasions that an event is inspiring, or a talk engaging, it’s an ordeal to network after the event is over, and time-consuming to stay up to date with an event organiser or speaker.

That’s why, on Thursday 20th February 2014, we’re launching

We have addressed all of these problems. Event organisers, speakers and professionals attending events will never have to use another website.  By creating a community, what we’re doing is making life easier for everyone.

What Pickevent is really for is helping people, and it gets better every day.

Welcome to the professional events revolution. Check it out, right here.

P.S. You’re invited to the party