10 Essential Phone Numbers for your Event Contact List

There are so many things that can go wrong in an event. As we mentioned here, having an contact list of people you could contact if things start going wrong can be an absolute life saver.

This is by no means a definitive list, but it should be the basis of your event contact list. We’ve left 999 off this list, purely because it goes without saying that, in the case of a severe emergency, they should be your first port of call.

Some venues will have a few of these people on their staff, but nonetheless it’s useful to have a backup contact just in case.

1) Plumber




A true nightmare scenario. A dodgy pipe can easily ruin someone’s day; make sure it doesn’t ruin yours by having the number of an emergency plumber at hand.

2) Electrician



Similar to the plumber, having an electrician you can call if everything goes wrong can be really helpful. If there is a dodgy wire, you should not be the one trying to resolve it; get on to a professional immediately.

3) Tech expert



Most of the time, this will be more for advice than asking them to come to the event, so it is best that this is a friend. If a projector or computer fails, it’s useful to have someone to call for help.

4) Pizza place



If, for whatever reason, catering fails or falls through, having the number of your local pizza place is a great way to stop the event falling flat. This solution is too informal for a black tie event, but for many other events your attendees will understand and appreciate the effort.

5) Non-emergency numbers



Everyone knows 999, but few people think about 111 or 101. The police list the reasons to call 101 instead of 999 here, whilst, area dependent, 111 can help you get fast advice from the NHS.

6) Advisor/Mentor



If you’re panicking, it is great to have someone you can call for advice. This person should be someone who you trust, and who also plans and hosts events. They may not be able to solve your issue, but sometimes just talking through an issue can help you come up with a solution.

7) Someone you could ask to step in as a speaker



This one’s tough – if you’re a small event with only one speaker, then it may be worth cancelling the event if the speaker can’t make it. However, another option is to offer an alternative that people can come see (if they don’t want to see the replacement speaker, a refund should be available). You will doubtless be in contact with several speakers; if you’re close to any of them, and they are relatively relaxed people, they may agree to speak at short notice.

8) The local council’s helpline



Be it an issue with a road or a fallen tree, it’s always useful to have a number for the local council.

9) Your insurance company



If you need to make a claim, it is often imperative that you tell your insurance company as soon as possible. Once the issue has been resolved, and you have a moment spare, you need to phone them and explain the situation.

10) Friends to call and celebrate with



It’s not all doom and gloom! Once the event is over, you can phone your friends and family and meet up for dinner and a drink, to celebrate a job well done.

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Ali Coulson

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