How to Create an Effective Event Hashtag

Rocío Marco

Twitter is an essential event tool. If you are organising an event, you are going to need a hashtag for it. Here are the best tips on how to create an effective event hashtag!

1. Make it short: The best hashtags are always short.  Your attendees only have 140 characters to get a point across and if you’re hashtag is too long, the won’t have any space left for it. The same will happen if they want to share a link or a photo or even if someone wants to retweet someone.

2. Make it meaningful: .  The hashtag has to be effective and represent what the event is about (name, date, place…). A format such as #NameLocation2014 is often used.

3. Make it recognisable: A hashtag has to be recognisable. A hashtag that looks more like alphabet soup will not make the event easily recognisable to those prospective attendees. Making it look weird can result in multiple hashtags which will disorganise your messages.

4. Make it catchy: By making a catchy hashtag you will get more people to use it after the event. Hashtags are done for events, but if people keep using them after the meetings, you will get a lot of promotion from that. Don’t think that  is time to retire the old hashtag only because the event is over. You can even curate all the tweets with a tool like Storify as a part of your toolbox for convincing prospective attendees for the next event.

5.  Make it unique: Ensure that your hashtag is unique and original. Don’t make it similar to another one because people won’t be able to tell the difference or may use the wrong one by mistake. The purpose of a hashtag that’s associated with an event is to enable those at the event to connect to one another;  if your hashtag is being used by another event or group, it muddies the conversation and makes it hard for your group to mingle on Twitter.