How to Choose the Best Venue for your Event

Rocío Marco

A good venue is the foundation of a good event. Even an event that has the most remarkable speakers and the best attendees will struggle in a sub-par venue. When searching for the perfect place for your next event, you should consider several important factors.

1. Location: Make sure that your event will be held in a place that is easy to find, and in a location that suits the event purpose. Places in tiny alleys with unclear addresses will only make people arrive late or not make it to your event at all, whilst hosting a business event in a residential village may not attract the attendees you are looking for.


2. Space: Try to find a place that is neither too big nor too small for you. Choosing a venue that suits you best according to the number of attendees you will have is not only cost-efficient; it will ensure the attendees are comfortable. A venue too small will leave the space cramped, whilst a venue too large will feel cavernous and unwelcoming.

3. Venue Facilities: Do you need to display promotional banners and signage? Does your event require a concierge or help desk? Will you need to set up chairs for everyone? Once you have established your needs in terms of amenities, ask questions and ensure the venue can meet your requirements.

4. The Price: Most of the time, price is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a venue. Please don’t just settle for the venue that has the lowest pricing on the radar! There’s no need to overspend. Analyse your budget and decide how much you can allocate so that you can find the highest quality venue possible without disturbing the rest of the event.

Finally, once you have found a venue that meets your needs in all of these categories, make sure to go and visit the venue just to double-check that everything is perfect. This will give you peace of mind, and help the entire event run smoothly.