What is Pickevent?

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Jose Moliner – Co-Founder

This is a quick blog post for curious new users! 

For people that haven’t heard of Pickevent yet:

Event organisers, speakers and professionals using Pickevent have different benefits and features. Put very very simply, we’re making it easier for professionals to network at events, creating online visibility for speakers, and helping event organisers to promote events worth attending.

Jose and I founded Pickevent because we were having trouble finding events worth attending and a network that suited professional events. LinkedIn is great but there’s no events feature!

So we made it. The first professional events community! We intend, without hyperbole, to revolutionise the world of professional events. That’s the core of what we’re doing. Pickevent is for so much more than just picking events.

So stay tuned here and join the professional events revolution at Pickevent.com