The Big Three Online Event Promotions No-No’s

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While you are busy marketing your event, there are some things that you should avoid as well. This will prevent your event from failing.

1. Forgetting Top Influencers – Every event needs influencers who have a great network, who can market the event with minimal effort. If you forget to make these influencers a part of your network, you will not be able be able to reach a large number of right participants and attendees. Remember, influencers know where to promote and whom to promote the event to, and if you neglect them, you will be losing out on quality attendees.

2. Forgetting to Promote your Sponsor  Your sponsor is the reason you are able to organize a huge event and if you forget to promote your sponsor, do you think he will want to sponsor another event for you in the future? Also, your sponsor will promote your event, so it is fair that you give mileage to him as well. The key is to forge a long-term relationship with the sponsor and not a one-off event link.

3. Focusing on the Wrong Audience – You want to connect with an audience of attendees who are really interested in the event and will benefit from it. Remember, the number of people you reach online is of secondary importance; the relevance of the audience is more important. That is why you should be extremely focused on who should be attending the event and why.

If you follow these promotion tips, your event will get a great boost via online publicity. The trick is to simply carry over your marketing and socialising skills from the real work to the online world.

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