How to Obtain Event Feedback

Rocío Marco

Even the best event organisers want to know what their attendees think about their events. This feedback is really useful for improving future events. But, how do we ask for it?

1. Email your attendees: This is one of the best ways to do it. This direct approach will provide you with useful information and feedback, but,  how do you analyse this feedback and use it constructively to improve your business? It is important that you accept negative feedback too. You can’t only listen to positive comments because that won’t make you improve, it will only make you stay as you

2. Monitor your unique Twitter hashtag: Make sure everyone knows what your hashtag for the event is. They will tweet before, during and after the event and this will allow you as the host to search for the hashtag and follow the conversation easily. After the event you can analyse what they wrote and obtain some useful tips on how to improve.

3. Network: Ask your attendees about your event during the networking time. You will make some important contacts and obtain feedback.

4. Surveys: After the conference and before the closing keynote address, schedule a 15-minute “break” where attendees are encouraged to complete a survey and give direct feedback. It would be very useful to offer some free drinks and food  to entice better turn-out.

5. Waiting till your next event: How many of your attendees from last event came to this one? If people keep turning up to your events, that means that you are doing a great job and that you have to keep doing it. Well done!