About Us


Here at the Pickevent blog, we want to help you. We focus on events; we give event organisers tips to improve their events, we provide speakers with advice on how to improve their public speaking, and we help attendees get the most out of events.


My name is Ali Coulson, I am the content and marketing manager at Pickevent. I’m an English Literature graduate, so I am always available to talk about fiction! If you want to contact me outside of this blog, you can find me on LinkedIn and Pickevent. My blog posts can be found here.

Bill Franklin works in bizdev for Pickevent. He can be contacted via Twitter and Pickevent. His blog posts can be found here.

Rocio Marco is the previous content and marketing manager from Pickevent. Her blog posts can be found here.

Any posts from anyone else in Team Pickevent, including our Co-founders Jose Bort and Jose Moliner, can be found here.

Guest Posting

We are currently accepting guest post submissions, and both myself and Bill Franklin are available for guest posting. Email marketing [at] pickevent.com for more information.

To view our current guest posts, click here.