5 Classes in London to Help You Launch Your Startup (March 2014)


We’ve curated a list of some of the best classes for startups in London. They’re run by the British Library or the General Assembly, two of the most esteemed groups in the country, so the level of quality will be excellent. All of these classes are taking place in March 2014, and all of them will really help any prospective (or current!) entrepreneurs!

Lean Viral Marketing for Startups

19 March 2014

When starting a company, it’s likely that you will be doing everything from the bottom up. This means that a working knowledge of marketing is essential, as you’ll be the one out there promoting your company.  This course will get you growth hacking like a pro.

Startup Saturday

15 or 22 March 2014
£30 plus £2.45 booking fee

This is a pretty full on day, where you’ll learn the bare bones of all areas of running a startup. It is a course for people near the beginning of their startup journey, and is run by the British Library. Coffee and cake are included; you’ll be surrounded by like minded individuals, so make sure you network while you eat!

Programming for Non Programmers

22-23 March 2014

If you’re founding a tech company, even if you’re not on the development team, a basic knowledge of code is essential.  The Guardian listed some great events to improve your coding skills here – though the list is from October 2013, many of them are reoccurring classes, so new sessions are available or will be in the future. This GA class is the cream of the crop. A cheaper option is using the Team Treehouse online classes, which are cheaper at £30 a month. 

Stand and Deliver – Projecting Confidence in Presentations

16 March

To be a successful entrepreneur, you don’t have to be the world’s best public speaker. However, having the ability to speak in a relaxed and confident manner will be a godsend when it comes to pitching to potential clients. We love the look of this course; it gives you the skills you need to improve your presentational abilities!

Angel Funding Clinic

26 March

This isn’t really a class, but it is incredibly useful. This clinic is for the more developed startups, who are in the process of looking for funding. Book in a half-hour slot and get free advice on acquiring angel funding.

These are just a few of the great classes we found from across the web. Check out our selections above, try to attend at least one, and (of course) check out Pickevent for other startup events! We have one great Sales Masterclass for SMEs class coming up, on the 20th March, by London Fusion. It’s free for eligible SMEs, so find out if you qualify!

Ali Coulson

Photo Credit: DenLee via Wiki Commons