5 Websites To Improve Your Pitch

Rocío Marco

In need of a memorable pitch? Pitching can be nerve racking, intimidating, and overwhelming, but there is no need to panic! There are several great websites out there that can help you ensure you hit the right notes.

1. Test My Pitch: They say that they provide “a collegial and friendly environment where you can not only improve your message but, also your ability to NAIL IT” when you’re in front of an audience! Sounds good and it’s ALL FREE.

2. INC: This article will give you all the basic tools to improve your pitching ability by telling you about the three key techniques guaranteed to make an impression.

3. Help Guide: Here you can check out the best tips on body language and on managing stress. It details how to improve your communication in the business world, and will help you make connections and get your pitch heard.

4. Wikihow: These 6 easy and simple steps will make you feel confident and powerful, two qualities essential when pitching. The better you feel, the better you will make your audience feel!

5. Skills you need: This article details the skills you will need to develop in order to ensure good business communication, which will make pitching far easier.