5 Ways to Make Slides Your Best Friend


For most speakers, creating presentation slides is not their forte. Meanwhile,  most high quality slide designers prefer not to speak or communicate in front of audiences.

There’s a reason for this state of affairs. Most designers like to be left alone in front of a computer with not too many people around, while most speakers love people! That’s the reason they would rather spend as little time possible designing their slides!

That’s exactly why some speakers may frown at slides. They might say, “I am not a slide person” or “Slides make me inflexible”. But the fact is that, in today’s world, slides have an important role in every speaker’s speech.

Let us now look at 5 ways in which slides can be every speaker’s best friend.

  1. Keeps you within a framework: Whatever slides may do, they still do one task like no other medium. They allow you as a speaker to be within a framework. That’s the reason why the best speakers put as little information on their slides as possible. That way, the slides give them a broad framework for their speech. If they want, they can meander quite a bit, but they still will get back on the path they plan to travel.
  2. Let’s you show visuals: Yes, you have heard that pictures are worth a hundred words. Most importantly research shows that 90% of what we remember is related to visuals. Long after your speech is over, your visuals will make sure that your message is not lost.
  3. Engage audiences with quizzes: Having something to show your audiences can have some side benefits. You can use slides to create simple quizzes, where you can create a surprise element by first showing your questions. You then ask for answers – and finally you show the correct answer. You really cannot do this as well without slides. So quiz slides let your audiences engage more with you.
  4. Brings more creativity: Not creating slides is fine but that does mean you have to be more creative with your words. But here’s something interesting. Let’s say you are awesome with words. Even then slides can provide you with an opportunity to be even more creative. The truth is that spoken words and visual graphics are both powerful. Yet they are most powerful when used together.
  5. Tells the audience that you care: Nowadays audiences expect slides. And if you arrive with no slides, there will always be a few members of the audience who may like to believe that you don’t care enough about them, just because you did not take the trouble to create slides. Yes, that’s not fair – but we don’t live in a very fair world!

So as we can summarise based on these 5 reasons, you should try creating slides for your next speech. If you are not a slide person, create just a few of them – you may start liking using slides!

Geetesh Bajaj is an awarded Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for over a decade now, and has been designing and training with PowerPoint for 15 years. He heads Indezine, a presentation design studio and content development organization based out of Hyderabad, India. Connect with him on Pickevent now!