5 Ways to Ensure No One Turns Up At Your Next Event


Want to sell very few tickets for your next event? We’ve come up with five quick and easy tips for you!

Don’t Promote

Expecting people to turn up without putting the work in. You need to make sure that you have a good online presence, and make sure that potential attendees simply can’t ignore your event.

Hire Your Speakers Last Minute/Don’t Advertise With Them

Speakers bring in so many guests; the first thing attendees want to know is who will be speaking. If your event is large and exclusive, then having a ‘surprise speaker’ in the lineup can add intrigue; this only really applies if you’re guaranteed to sell out, though, and the surprise speaker turns out to be a big name.

Have No Social Media Presence

In 2014, every event has a presence on Twitter and Facebook. Other events take this further, dipping into Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn… Events that want to sell out must have a presence on at least some of these sites.

Write Terrible Copy

No one wants to read text that is unappealing, tired and poorly written. Make sure that any text that will be associated with your event is of the highest quality.

Ignore Previous Guests

You can do this in a number of ways. If you’re using Pickevent, then your previous attendees will see that you have posted a new event. Emailing old attendees or reaching out over social media are other great ways of bringing in some repeat attendances.

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Team Pickevent

Photo Credit: jonas_k via Compfight cc