5 Things Your Next Event MUST Include


Want your next event to tick all of the boxes? We’ve come up with 5 of the most important things any event should feature.

1. Influencers

If you have a networking session at the event, having key influencers attend is really important. Maybe getting Obama to talk at your next politics conference is unlikely, but there are plenty of other influencers who you can invite. Be prepared to offer free tickets to a few key players in the industry; not to deliver speeches, purely to socialise. Though your speakers should be influential, having more influencers in your audience can really improve the event overall.

It means that, long term, people will know that your events feature ideal networking opportunities, making them more likely to attend again.

2. Innovation

You don’t necessarily need to be at the front of technological innovation, but your event needs to stand out, and the easiest way to do this is to make sure that the content is fresh. Hire speakers with new or interesting viewpoints, or frame your event around contemporary issues. Attendees want to see something new, so push the boat out and explore new territory.

3. Ample Networking Opportunities

When attendees know they’re in a room full of like-minded individuals, they want the opportunity to socialise with them. If your event ends the second the speaker stops talking, your attendees will be annoyed and disgruntled. Make sure to leave ample time for your attendees to network between themselves.

4. Solid Schedule (accessible ahead of time)

A schedule, available online, is a must for any event, but particularly larger events, or multi-venue events. Imagine a worker can only get a morning off for your event, but they are desperate to see one of your speakers. They will want to know precisely when that person is speaking, so that they know whether or not they can make it.

Your job is to make life for your attendees as easy as possible, and this is a great way to help them.

5. The Right Amount of People

For obvious reasons, there’s no universal ‘perfect’ amount of attendees. However, do your research, advertise well, and make sure you get close to selling out your venue. There’s nothing worse than a half-filled conference hall, both in terms of maximising profits and maximising enjoyment.

Overbooking, however, is a sin. Don’t sell too many tickets expecting no-shows; if too many people show up, you may end up breaking your venue’s health and safety limits. Once you’ve reached the event capacity, retain the details of anyone who asks for tickets, and 48 hours before, contact your attendees, asking for people who can’t make it to get back to you. This way, you can re-sell the ticket without overbooking the room.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc