5 Essentials for Large Events

Rocío Marco

If you are an Event Organiser, there are 5 essential things you need to have in your event.

Actually essential. Like it’s a big let down if you don’t have these.

In no particular order:

1. The best wi-fi connection ever: You know that people love to tweet and comment about events, but if there is no wi-fi signal they won’t be able to do it! It’s important to encourage people to talk nicely about you so make sure your wi-fi works correctly.


2. Awesome speakers: Attendees go to events for a reason: they want to learn something new. Make sure that your speaker has an interesting pitch or an effective video that can will help your attendees!


3. Easy access and registration: Make sure that your attendees know where the venue is. Everyone hates arriving late because the address wasn’t clear enough or because they registration desk was too slow. These little details will help you to make a difference.


4. Networking: Events aren’t only organized to listen to what the speaker has to say, many people attend these meetings to make new contacts. Set up a place where people can meet each other and feel comfortable. Top Tip: Hand out stickers so people can write down their name and company.


5. Places to juice up: If there isn’t a place to charge my phone I’m not going to be able to tweet about the event, or review speakers after their talk. I won’t even be able to use the upcoming Pickevent App :O! If it’s a big event, try chargebox!