5 Reasons to Share Professional Events with Friends


We have some great news at Pickevent! Our developers have been working really hard, and have added a brand new feature to our site.

You can now invite your contacts to Pickevent! This means that it’s now unbelievably easy to connect with your email contacts. All you need to do is click ‘get followers’ on the left side of your profile, add in your emails, and click ‘send’. You can also invite your contacts to a specific event on Pickevent.

Below are 5 great reasons as to why you should let your friends know about the events you are attending on Pickevent. So get sharing!

1) Networking opportunities

The more people you know at an event, the easier it is to connect. Your friend can introduce you to people they know, and vice versa. Given how important networking is at events, this can really help give you a boost.

2) Reconnect

Though your friends and contacts can introduce you to new people, it can also be beneficial to reconnect with them, both from a professional and social perspective.

3) Your contacts deserve to go to great events

Inviting your friends is a two way street. By joining Pickevent, they will get all of the same perks you do – events recommended to them, networking opportunities, . When you follow them, you will also get to see the events they are going to be attending, too. If any of them catch your eye, you can then click attend, finding even more great events for yourself.

4) Virally spread events you are attending

Along with inviting friends to follow you, you can also invite contacts to a specific event. If any of your contacts click ‘attend’, they will then also be invited to share the event with their friends, and so on, so forth. This helps event organisers maximise turnout, which is great for networking – the more people that attend an event, the more likely it is that someone there will be perfect for your professional needs.

5) Improves event quality

In the long term, the more people attend events, the more money can be invested into the events. Admittedly, this is a very long term goal, but by inviting your friends, you are growing the events industry, and making things better for everyone.

Network intelligently. Grow Professionally. Share Pickevent.

Team Pickevent