5 Event Planner Essentials

Rocío Marco

The rate of technology change is accelerating, with thousands of ideas, apps and innovations appearing every year. This new technology is constantly helping event organisers, meeting planners and exhibitors, and changing events for the better.

Here are my personal Top 5 Event Planner Essentials:

1. Applications: Paper has given way to technology in recent years at big events. However, paperless planning is now spreading to smaller events, too. Tech is now an essential event management tool that can be used to manage multiple events in one app, and some larger events are now developing their own apps for attendees to utilise.


2. Hashtags:  Social media will become a more established tool, not only for suppliers promoting themselves, but also for clients gaining knowledge and sharing their feedback. Every event should have a hashtag where attendees, speakers and event organisers can share their impressions.

3. Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing is an open forum for the public to suggest ideas in an open call format. Crowdsourcing is being used at events more and more, especially at conferences and larger scale events. It allows attendees to make their opinions heard, and is a goldmine for any businesses or entrepreneurs.

4. Event Reviews: Thanks to the Internet, providing event feedback is easier than ever, with many event organisers welcoming reviews through their social media sites. Reviews are an easy and free way to promote future events, but watch out! Not all reviews are going to be positive.

5. Something New: Creativity is becoming a really important part in events. People are tired of attending repetitive, formulaic events. In order to stand out, conferences, meetings and talks are going to try to be as innovative and original as possible in 2014. Be ready to have fun!

Progressing in line with technology and trends is key when planning events; in order to stand out in 2014, make sure you utilise some of these essentials and stay ahead of the curve!