5 event problems attendees HATE

There are little things that can make (or break!) the event experience for attendees. Below, we’ve listed the 5 pet-hates that eat at almost every attendee.

1. Extended speeches

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Ideally, a speaker leaves the audience wanting more. That’s not going to happen if the 20 minute speech on social media marketing turns into a 2 hour spiel on the benefits of Facebook vs Twitter. Make your expectations clear to your speakers beforehand. Arranging a signal for when they are approaching the end of their session is a good way to ensure you don’t overrun.

2. Bad/no internet

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It’s 2014. Wifi, or at the least a strong 3G connection, is expected at professional events. By not having any internet access, you’re missing out on free marketing via twitter. It makes things more difficult for both your attendees and yourself.

3. Dirty services

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Terrible portaloos and dirty long-drops belong at music festivals only.  Ensure your services are in as nice a condition as possible, especially if it’s an all-day or multi-day event. If you are going to go for portaloos, look through reviews and get the best ones your budget can afford. No one likes a dirty lavvy.

4. Overcrowding


There is nothing worse than having to push your way through a room full of crowded, sweaty bodies, or getting to a small conference only to find they’ve run out of seats. Don’t oversell tickets, expecting no-shows, especially if it’s a paid event. All you will end up with is a room full of unhappy attendees and an empty room next time around.

5.Lack of innovation


Want your event to be forgotten? Easy! Make it like every other event out there. Standing out in a crowded market like events is tough. Do some research, talk to different businesses, and find ways to force your attendees to remember you. Even something relatively small, like having a pair of Google Glass at your event, will keep people talking for days.

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