5 Articles to Improve Public Speaking


We all need a little help sometimes. Whether you’re just starting out as a public speaker, or if you’ve been to the rodeo and back again, the articles below contain important (and at times contradictory!) advice to help you improve your public speaking.

BBC Hints and Tips on Public Speaking
Various Authors
The BBC has good video resources for those just entering into public speaking. Their videos feature several recognisable faces, from Jo Brand to Ewan McGregor, and are very informative.

Forbes’ Professional Speaker Reveals All, Sort Of
By Micah Solomon
A great insight into the work that goes into being a professional public speaker. The main thing to take away? Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Financial Times’ Tips from a Prolific Public Speaker
By Luke Johnson
These tips on public speaking can help anyone, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out. Luke Johnson’s advice – particularly regarding speech length – is unusual, but inspired.

Psychology Today’s More Than Ten Tips Towards Fearless Speech Making
By Susan K. Perry, PhD
Some of the points here are in direct conflict with Luke Johnson (make ‘em laugh, or keep it serious?), but it serves as a good reminder that there isn’t one ‘set way’ to give a speech.

Forbes’ How to Write a Great Speech: Five Secrets for Success
By Dr Nick Morgan
This is the only article that isn’t written by a speaker, but a speech-writer. It deals with the all-important aspect of actually writing of speech.

Public speaking is a skill that can be constantly improved and built upon. These tips will help you get to the top of the public speaking ladder, and really excel in the public speaking world. The final tip we would recommend in order to become a better speaker is to listen to feedback from event attendees.

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Ali Coulson