4 Top Tips on Using Social Media as a Professional Networking Tool

Networking at events is fantastic. However, if your only methods of contacting people afterwards are email or by phone, maintaining contact can be difficult, and you’ll often end up falling out of contact with some of the great people you met.

Social networks are a great way of preventing this. They’re a fantastic way of networking and maintaining relationships once an event is over, or reaching out and contacting key players in your industry. With this in mind, we’ve devised our 4 top tips to make sure you’re using social media correctly for your professional networking!

1. Make it personal


Having a standardised company page is great, but if you’re using social sites for networking, you should ideally use an account with your name attached. Having a name and face connected to the online presence can help people relate, and increase your chances of developing a good relationship with them.

2…But not too personal


If you were in front of an important client, you wouldn’t discuss twerking, your ex-partner, or your favourite dirty joke. If you are going to make a profile public to fellow professionals,  make sure it’s work appropriate.  (Having an account with high privacy settings, where you can ramble to your heart’s delight, is something we would thoroughly recommend!)

3. Choose the right social networks


LinkedIn, Google+ and Pickevent (that’s us!) are always appropriate in professional situations. Personally, these three, plus Somewhere, are the sites I choose to use for professional networking. Other networks, however, can also work well. Twitter is the go-to platform for influencers, whilst Facebook is still predominantly for social networking, as opposed to professional (though having a page for your business is a great idea!). If your work is particularly visual, then Instagram, Somewhere or Pinterest may be appropriate. Your Match.com profile? NEVER business appropriate!

4. Use it as a means to meet in person


We love social media, but if you’re just adding/following/friending the people you have networked with, and then sitting back and feeling like the work is over, you are not going to see any success. We’re like a broken record with this point, but use your social networks to open up a dialogue. From this, you can hopefully arrange face-to-face meetings. You will get so much more out of each other if you’re in the same place.

What are your top tips for networking using social media?

Ali Coulson

Photo Credit: Anne Helmond, dhendrix73, and Frau Hölle via Compfight cc. North by Northwest, Dorothy Wright Sulcer and Casablanca via Wiki Commons.