3 Steps to networking like Winston Churchill

It’s always interesting to look at the world’s leaders – whether current or historical – and think, what can we learn from them?

I’ve recently been reading the biography of Winston Churchill. One of the UK’s most well-known Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill led the country during World War II. Churchill was particularly noted for his speeches and radio broadcasts which were known for being inspirational.

So what inspiration can we take from Churchill when reflecting on the context of business networking?

Here’s my 3 steps to networking like Winston Churchill:

1. Never surrender. Pickevent has made building your network less difficult. But successful networking still takes persistence and determination. Always be looking to create value from every interaction. The minute you decide not to attend a business networking event, or follow up on a potential contact that hasn’t responded to your call, someone else will.

2. Don’t let a set-back be the end of your ambitions. Churchill wasn’t always successful, but he kept going, kept doing what he thought was right, and ultimately he succeeded.

3. Be prepared to go it alone. Churchill refused to accept that there was any alternative except to keep going – convincing politicians, military leaders, and the general public that the only course of action was to continue to fight. Being a lone voice is incredibly challenging, but ultimately the rewards will come.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Business networking is a tough game, but take a little inspiration from Winston Churchill and look for the opportunities that others fail to see.