3 Reasons You Should Attend An Event Today

Are you struggling to decide whether or not to attend that big event? Wondering if it’s worth the time and money?

We’ve listed the 3 top reasons why you should definitely attend that event today.

Grow Your Network


Networking at events is invaluable. The more people you can connect with over the course of a year, the better your professional network will be. Remember to stay in contact with the people you meet after the event – reaching out once the day has finished is half the battle when it comes to growing your network.

Educate Yourself


If you go to the right type of events, the speakers will be informed and intelligent, delivering speeches or seminars that will teach you more about your industry. It’s a great way to keep up with trends in your industry, and let you know what not to do.

Become More Active


Even if you don’t meet everyone at an event, becoming a familiar face at events in your industry indicates that you are a proactive individual. Attending events regularly can result in you becoming someone that people recognise, which is a fantastic way to find new opportunities, or improve your chances at that next job interview; if the interviewer recognises you from recent events, then they will immediately know that you’re active within the industry.

Ali Coulson

Photo Credit: chuckp, NathanaelB, Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc