10 Cool Benefits of Installing Event Ticketing Software

Taking part in events is one thing and managing them is a completely different experience. An event manager needs to take care of so many things – venue booking, event promotion, inviting speakers, selling tickets, and much more. Handling so many tasks manually is almost impossible.

Thankfully, the advance of technology offers smart ways of working. Event managers can take advantage of event ticketing software to work in a more systematic manner and avoid wasting time on activities that can be automated. Let’s take a look at the list of the benefits you can enjoy by installing an online ticketing & registration software.

Creation of custom registration page


With the help of events ticketing software, you can create the event registration page effortlessly. These platforms also offer plenty of customisation options so that you can add branding elements to your page. For example, you can add your corporate logo and a few photos of the event speakers on most registration page to convince visitors that they have come to the right place.

Sell tickets 24/7


One of the biggest advantages of using an event ticketing software is that you can sell tickets 24×7. The portal remains active even when you sleep and people can buy their tickets any-time, anywhere. Unlike ticket selling kiosks at shopping malls, the reach of a website is global. Therefore, people from various states and countries can buy tickets and take part in your event.



Any reputed online ticketing software comes with top level security features. So, the event attendees’ personal and banking data never gets revealed to hackers.

Multiple event registration from one place


Event management companies work with a number of clients and organise several events throughout the year. Ticketing software allows you to sell the tickets of multiple events simultaneously. So, when a visitor lands on the homepage and checks the “upcoming events list”; they can select as many events as they wish, and buy the tickets for all instantly.

Multiple payment options


Any good event registration software comes with online payment gateway. Website users can select as many tickets as they want to and pay for the tickets using their credit card, debit card or online banking facility.  The payment process takes only a few seconds. The money gets deposited directly to the event management company’s account and the buyer receives the ticket via e-mail.

Cost reduction


By automating the entire ticket selling process, you need less employees to run your event management business. Events ticketing software allows you to save ticket printing costs as well. Buyers use their personal printers to print the tickets at home.

Built-in calendar


Sometimes event management companies forget to intimate the loyal visitors that they are organizing an event very soon. The built-in calendar of an event management software can help event managers and website users keep track of all the events throughout the year. All you need to do is update the calendar time to time as new events are announced and customers will check the calendar to know the exact date of their favourite events.

Promo codes for event promotion


In case you see that an event is not attracting visitors, many event ticketing programs can allow you to create promo codes to distribute on Facebook/Twitter. Web users love discount codes. Therefore, they will rush to your site to buy ticket at a discounted price.

Show the seating arrangements


Where available, make sure that the seating arrangements can be viewed by the ticket buyers so that that they can pick their seats accordingly. This allows both event manager and event attendees to know how many seats are left.

All information in one place


By using event ticketing platforms, you get to see how many tickets have been sold, how much money you have earned by selling the tickets, which events are most popular among the target audience and which events are being neglected by the customers.

As you can see, these benefits can be enjoyed by both the event manager and event attendees. An event ticketing software helps you manage your duties confidently and also provides lots of facilities to the website users. It is a known fact that the more flexibility you offer to the end users, the more frequently they will come to your website for booking tickets.

Monik Makadiya, from iVvy, the events management software solution.

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